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Julia Hunny.


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                                                                                 I want to give you a universal song

A song so general that it is obvious
Even if they randomly hear this song
People pass through unnoticed, just like that
Trivial feelings of back then
Wouldn't even be remembered
* Thinking like this is too sad
Even if it's not true, I still want to believe it
** After listening to this song
Would I be able to remember those feelings a little
Chorus: Be a universal song
Be universal days
Be universal matters
Can't remember the time, the place or the feelings we shared
Universal song of love
Universal song of parting
I can clearly remember
That time, that time of that time
Repeat *, ** and Chorus
Feelings once so precious
Are now things unable to be kept
It's okay, let's just forget
I keep thinking not, but...

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